Carrie Jenne

Carrie Jenne

Yacht Broker & Salesperson

Born and raised in Thousand Islands, it was only natural that Carrie formed a highly successful career in yachting. Her first memories are ones of kayaks and rowboats heading up and down the waterways of the Northeast. Her teen years placed her in the crew of tour boats ferries and her Yacht Habit began.

Once a licensed captain Carrie wasted no time. She immediately got behind the wheel of a wide range of yachts from 60 to 120 feet. Carrie was determined to master close quarter maneuvering and long distant exploration. She mastered sailing, catamarans, motor yachts with single screw and twin screw. She even spent time with water taxis.

To pass on her knowledge and love for the sea Carrie began instructing others in boat handling, maritime safety, security and the ‘Rules of the Road’. As an instructor for Sea-School she has had the unique opportunity to help others and make the water safer for us all.

Carrie’s unique knowledge and skills behind the wheel make the transition into yacht sales effortless. She knows boats. She knows how to handle them, as well as maintain them. She has the experience to help boat owners make intelligent informed decisions about their next vessel. Her real-world experience allows boaters a chance to pursue and enjoy their own Yacht Habit with confidence.