Julian Bartlett

Julian Bartlett

Yacht Broker & Salesperson

Born and raised in New York, Julian Bartlett found a clear passion for boating growing up on the South shore of Long Island at a young age. Before moving to Florida, working on various fishing vessels in the Great South Bay, Julian was quickly able to achieve his USCG 25-ton license, which was the first step in his highly successful and flourishing yachting career.

Julian attended The Sykes College of Business at University of Tampa graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business Management.

In the last 3 years, Julian has completed 40 weeks of successful yacht charters. Yachting has brought Julian through a range of just over 1900 nautical miles through the western hemisphere including as far North as Sag Harbor all the way South to Sint Maarten.

Julian’s presence on our team provides a unique perspective and skill set as he currently serves as an active mate aboard a 125 ft vessel. Julian is very well rounded and knowledgeable in the industry among motor yachts and loves to learn and utilize the latest technologies. Very excited to pursue his career, Julian made the transition to branch his connections globally with his clients, using his previous yachting experience as a foundation. Julian’s drive, attention to detail, and professionalism have helped achieve a solid track record of building strong
long-term relationships.

Julian resides in Tampa, New York, and Ft. Lauderdale and is eager to triangulate his network, building relationships with new clients and crew colleagues throughout his career. Julian hopes to grow each day to best serve your sales needs.

Julian enjoys spending time with his family and friends, sports, cooking and traveling to new destinations. This is Julian’s Yacht Habit