Kevon Davis

Kevon Davis

Yacht Broker
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Born and Raised on the sun-kissed shores of Jamaica, Kevon emerged from the rhythmic heart of the Caribbean with a soul wired for exploration. From the early days of his island upbringing, Kevon’s magnetic attraction to travel, diverse cultures, and the boating lifestyle has been an integral part of his identity.

Kevon’s passion for yachts ignited during his tenure as a sound engineer in various marinas. The rhythmic symphony of the sea and the dynamic tales of seafarers sparked a passion that would chart the course for his maritime journey. Each day spent amidst the sailboats and yachts fueled his desire to delve deeper into the intricacies of the nautical world.

In 2004, fueled by an unquenchable thirst for new horizons, Kevon set sail for the United States, seeking fresh opportunities and novel experiences. The move across continents not only broadened his perspective but also laid the foundation for his transformative career in the maritime industry.

In 2006, Kevon unfurled a new chapter in his career journey by founding his own company – The Chemist Detailing- specializing in cars and yacht detailing. This venture immersed him in the meticulous art of preserving luxurious vessels and instilling in him a profound understanding of the discerning needs of the boating community.

Today, Kevon stands at the helm of a new venture as he sets sail into the realm of yacht brokerage. Armed with a wealth of experience, an authentic appreciation for the boating lifestyle, and a commitment to integrity, Kevon is poised to redefine the yacht brokerage landscape. His journey encapsulates the essence of a man whose passion, authenticity and integrity has seamlessly intertwined with his professional pursuits, creating a narrative as thrilling and dynamic as the seas he has always called home.