Mihaylo Tomovski

Mihaylo Tomovski (Miki)

Yacht Broker

Mihaylo Tomovski (Miki) was born in between the Adriatic and Aegean seas in Macedonia. Childhood trips to the coastline opened Miki’s eyes up to the new world waiting for him.

Miki’s first Job was aboard an international cruise ship. From here he was able to travel to the most popular ports in Europe. Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France and Spain became his new playground. Each country traveled added to his knowledge of the area, people, culture and nautical landscape.

America became Miki’s next goal. A decade ago he got that chance and moved to South Florida. Once established in the US he quickly dove into his second passion: high performance autos. Miki’s father introduced him to mechanical engineering in Europe and the love never faded. In honor of his dad, Miki created an auto center specializing in AMG Mercedes performance vehicles. His Euro auto center expanded to include Porsche and Ferrari.

Miki’s attention to detail, customer service and mechanical knowledge are priceless His extensive knowledge of the whole of Europe coupled with his connections in the Eastern European markets are a great asset to us. His passion for
performance engineering and his love for the sea are a perfect combination. This is Miki’s Yacht Habit.