Mike Ryan

Yacht Broker

Mike Ryan is Florida’s own son. Born and raised in the Sunshine State. His passion for yachting began near the coastal waters off Jacksonville and eventually reached around the world. There was never a doubt Mike would end up at sea.

Mike jumped headfirst into sport fishing at seventeen. Once hooked he quickly took advantage of his inclination to all things mechanical. He poured into improving his technical knowledge of machinery and honed his skills behind the helm.

In the 90’s Mike was hired aboard a mega yacht and was able to put his engineering skills to use during two major refits of the vessel. From there he has had the good fortune to work for more than 30 different vessels ranging from 60 to 200ft as engineer or captain, and on several occasions, both.

Yachting brought Mike around the world including New Zealand, China, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas and more. He has crossed the Atlantic multiple times and run both coasts of the United States.

“In 2013 I started Mike Ryan Marine and began to offer management services, refit and logistic advice. The company has served a host of happy customers since. My hands on experience at sea both manning the helm and turning the wrench gives me a distinct vantage point. My understanding and orchestration in the shipyard were the final chess pieces to prepare me for large yacht sales. I have real world knowledge critical to clients stepping into the mega yacht world. This is my Yacht Habit.”