Sakeena Hazuri Mathis

Yacht Broker

Sakeena Hazuri Mathis has been busy making her hometown of Miami, Florida a better place. Her dedication to the city is honorable. Being raised in Miami gave Sakeena instant access to the best beaches in the country. The nautical life style is the life style of the city. Before she could fully enjoy the water, she had some work to do.

After attending Florida International University (FIU political science major) she went on
to intern at the State Attorney’s Office. Sakeena become a coordinator at Guardian Ad Litem for Miami-Dade county Courts and became the law firm executive over correspondence for Reginald Mathis and Associates | Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sakeena stands on her own as: the Executive Director for Millennium Movers (a professional networking company), Publisher of UPMagazine, host of India’s Movies (a movie reviewing, television and radio segment) broadcast on Island TV, media consultant for Urban Professional Lifestyle & Media, LLC and the founder of the Bollywood Film Festival.

Sakeena became an independent film director and producer. Her sales experience in the media world sharpened her blade, as has her lengthy career in the legal field. The balance of her life are her two wonderful daughters and loving husband. Together they are an unstoppable force.

Years ago Sakeena chartered her first yacht and her true love for the sea was ignited. She first filled in the gaps with extensive accomplishments in public service and professional ventures and now has dedicated her efforts helping people experience their true love of the sea. This is her Yacht Habit.