Stephania Reyes

Yacht Broker

I grew up far away from the nautical lifestyle. I was born in Colombia in a small city outside of Cali, Valle del Cauca. My formative years were spent in private school where I excelled in my study of ballet and equestrian dressage. My family visited the coast twice a year and I always loved the ocean. Before moving to America I lived in Cartagena for two seasons working in the yachting industry.

My passion for yachting brought me to Miami in 2018 where I started as a crew member learning yachting from the bottom up. I then moved to Fort Lauderdale and began working at Lauderdale Marine Center to educate myself on the maintenance and repair side of yachting.

For the past few years I have placed all of my attention on chartering and selling yachts throughout the Eastern seaboard of America (including Puerto Rico), The Bahamas, Colombia and Malibu, California.

Being bilingual (Spanish and English) helps me communicate with clients from all over Latin America. In my spare time I study Italian, French and Portuguese. My hobbies include sport fishing, yoga, travel and cooking. My favorite place is at sea. This is my Yacht Habit.